Bloomberg challenges Sanders to release more health records

Heart test.

The issue of Bernie Sanders' health has arisen once again in the Democratic primary.

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who just released some new medical tests of his own, is now challenging Sanders to release new medical records.

According to, "Michael Bloomberg's campaign disclosed new information on Thursday about the health of the presidential candidate's heart, and called on Bernie Sanders, who suffered a heart attack last year, to release the same data." Bloomberg's newly-released documents offer new specific details about his heart health.

Sanders has previously come under fire for promising to release more medical records but then failing to. Considering that the 78-year-old Senator had a heart attack only a few short months ago, questions about his medical history have arisen throughout the primary campaign. 

Sanders has stated that the medical records and the letters he released from his doctors are sufficient enough. In a recent town hall event held with CNN, the Senator "argued that the letters, including one from the attending physician at the US Capitol, amounted to a "detailed report." 

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