Dr. Madeleine F. Wallace, CEO of Windrose Vision Launches New Book Entitled, “The SEAM Framework: Achieving Organizational Transformation in 4 Steps”


Madeleine F. Wallace, Ph.D., a renowned expert in organizational transformation and CEO of Windrose Vision, is proud to announce the launch of her new book, “The SEAM Framework: Achieving Organizational Transformation in 4 Steps.” This groundbreaking book provides a versatile framework to guide businesses and organizations of all sizes and industries undergoing digital transformation.

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Dr. Madeleine F. Wallace, CEO of Windrose Vision (Photo: Business Wire)

With a wealth of experience in addressing challenges and developing innovative solutions for organizations, Wallace focused on small businesses and organizations and recognized the need for a strategic tool specifically designed to facilitate digital transformation. This realization led Wallace, the founder of the Fairfax, Virginia-based strategy and research consulting firm, to develop the SEAM framework, a comprehensive and actionable approach that can be applied to any organization.

How the SEAM Framework Works

SEAM is an acronym that refers to the four steps of transformation: Snapshot, Envision, Act, and Measure:

  • Snapshot asks the reader: “Where is our business or organization today?”
  • Envision seeks the answer to this question: “Where do I want to take my business or organization?”
  • Act tackles the question: “How do we get to where we want to go?”
  • Measure answers the question: “How effective was my plan?”

SEAM, Wallace says, “is the intricate line that seamlessly stitches together an organization’s business goals with its digital transformation objectives. Just as a seam in the fashion world has multifaceted roles–from joining fabric and shaping attire to enhancing durability–The SEAM Framework serves as the critical link in an organization. It doesn’t merely join; it shapes, decorates, and reinforces, allowing businesses to grow, adapt, and thrive in the digital era.”

To illustrate how SEAM would work in a business, Wallace drew from her consulting experiences to create the scenario of a fictitious company called Mora’s Bakery, a small producer of artisan bread products. Her diverse clientele includes national supermarket chains, local independent grocery stores, and several restaurants. She makes her items—hot dog buns, sliced bread, baguettes, focaccias, and other products—by hand and uses expensive natural ingredients. Her customers like that Mora bakes her products in a dairy- and nut-free facility. Mora also expanded her line to offer bread for vegans and those with special dietary needs.

“Through Mora, we will journey through the practicality and applicability of SEAM and discover how the framework addresses specific problems, clearly demonstrating its functionality within a real-world setting,” said Wallace. “The example of Mora’s Bakery is an accessible, relevant, and impactful example for a SEAM user.”

Is SEAM for you?

“The SEAM Framework” goes beyond industry-specific strategies, offering a versatile and adaptable framework for businesses and organizations seeking to scale and grow. Wallace’s contribution through SEAM encapsulates tools and actionable steps for achieving successful organizational transformation in today’s digital landscape.

“Distinct from the norm, my book offers a refreshing perspective on digital transformation. Whether you’re just starting or trying to find your way after hitting a roadblock, this guide is tailored to address a spectrum of challenges,” says Wallace. “By following my framework, not only will readers identify the best place to take that pivotal first step or leap forward from where they’re stuck, but they’ll also capture the momentum to propel their journey, bridging the gap between intention and impactful action.”

Virtual Book Launch Event

Wallace will host a virtual book launch event for “The SEAM Framework” on Wednesday, Oct. 4, from 3-4 p.m. PST/ 5-6 p.m. CST/6-7 p.m. EST. This event will allow attendees to engage with her, gain insights from her expertise, and learn more about the transformative power of SEAM.

This event promises to be an enlightening experience for business professionals seeking to navigate the complexities of organizational transformation. “The SEAM Framework” is an invaluable resource for organizations of any size or industry, and Wallace’s expertise is sure to provide actionable insights and strategies.

“I want to ignite action among entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and business owners,” said Wallace. “In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, intent alone isn’t enough. We need a structured approach with flexibility to adapt to different situations or environments. I’ve seen countless individuals overflowing with purpose and potential yet paralyzed by the uncertainty of where to begin. Others have embarked on their digital transformation journey, only to find themselves stuck, unsure of the next steps. This book serves as that lighthouse, a compass to navigate the challenges of digital transformation.”

“The SEAM Framework: Achieving Organizational Transformation in 4 Steps,” is available on Amazon.

To register for the Virtual Book Launch click here.

About Windrose Vision

Windrose Vision is a dedicated partner in turning concepts into strategic actions for clients across the federal government, private sector, and non-profit organizations. We are committed to leveraging data-driven, evidence-based approaches to drive efficiencies and cost savings while enhancing program impact. Our expertise spans various areas, including strategic planning and execution, curriculum development, product design, and the assessment of research training and career development programs.

For information about the book, visit www.madeleinewallace.com/

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