PhotoPad Announces 'Celebrating Small Business Give-Give Holiday Feature'

SEATTLE - November 29, 2023 - ( )

PhotoPad, the user-friendly design platform simplifying the creation and publication of captivating visual content for stories, graphics, presentations, and more, proudly introduces the 'Celebrating Small Business Give-Give Holiday Feature.' This exclusive offering is now live, extending its benefits to small businesses at no cost.

The Give-Give Feature showcases your business through PhotoPad's influential newsletter and across its dynamic social media channels.

Diane Najm, Founder and CEO of PhotoPad, expressed, “The most compelling story is the one about your business. In the spirit of generosity, we are honoring small businesses—restaurants, non-profits, and boutiques—by giving them a visual story feature. It's our way of giving back to the community.”

Take a few minutes to engage with PhotoPad. Register for a free account, upload your photos, and, in return, PhotoPad will furnish a feature highlighting your business across various platforms, all at zero cost to the business owner. This distinctive feature can be seamlessly shared on social networks and featured on your website. Najm elaborated, “PhotoPad provides pre-designed templates, holiday backgrounds, and encourages businesses to incorporate their own photos, although we also offer a stock photo library.”

"PhotoPad is a versatile, user-friendly design platform for visual social media marketing," remarked Jen Jedda, Founder and CEO of "It not only facilitates an effective way to share my brand story, but the link back to my website ensures customers can effortlessly access my shop."

Discover Malta with JJCaprices—Embark on a journey into Maltese filigree silver craftsmanship: photo story created in PhotoPad:

DM Coaching with Dominika Miernik aids expat and globally mobile women in building careers or businesses tailored to their lifestyle while navigating new countries: View photo story created in PhotoPad:  

Diane Najm emphasized the company's objective, stating, "Our aim is to amplify small businesses during the holidays. We understand that photo stories garner heightened engagement—82-93% more on social platforms, providing a superior return on investment. This understanding prompted the launch of PhotoPad!"

To join the Give-Give Holiday program, visit, create a free account, effortlessly customize your visuals using our pre-designed templates, text, and backgrounds, and, with a few clicks, share across all social media and marketing channels. It's that simple!

The Give-Give Holiday program is open to the first 50 small businesses at no charge.

ABOUT PHOTOPAD PhotoPad stands as a comprehensive, user-friendly design platform empowering small businesses to craft interactive, authentic, and memorable visual content. Based in Seattle, Washington.

Beautiful Made Possible: Your Story. Your Design.

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Diane Najm
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