Matthew M Williams to step down as Givenchy's creative director early in 2024

PARIS (AP) — Matthew M. Williams will step down as creative director of Givenchy, the renowned Parisian heritage house owned by LVMH, the company announced Friday.

Williams, who has been at the helm since June 2020, is set to depart early in 2024 and will focus on his own brand, 1017 ALYX 9SM.

The American designer, known for his collaborations with Lady Gaga and Kanye West, is credited with infusing Givenchy with a fresh streetwear edge, bringing a dynamic vibe to the haute Paris runway.

Williams’ tenure at Givenchy has been marked by a mix of bold fashion shows, innovative designs and notable collaborations with contemporary artists. Yet, the fashion press had varying critical responses to Williams’ tenure, echoing the challenges of blending streetwear sensibilities with traditional haute couture.

Notable achievements under Williams’ direction include the revitalization of Givenchy’s product line, with items like the “U-Lock” jacket and the “Voyou” bag, both launched in early 2023.

Renaud de Lesquen, Givenchy CEO, expressed gratitude for Williams’ contributions: “His creative and contemporary collections have introduced a new dynamism and found their audience.”

Williams called working at Givenchy a lifelong dream. "I’m proud to have worked to honor Mr. Hubert de Givenchy’s legacy while adding my own vision,” he said.

Givenchy, the 71-year-old fashion house, has been home to some of the world’s most renowned fashion designers over the decades, including Alexander McQueen, John Galliano, and Riccardo Tisci.


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